Beech wood timber, equal widths lumber, solid wood furniture, stair treads, butcher blocks, kitchen countertops, drawers, shelves.


An exciting program of fine furniture products and services dedicated to serving the residence hall, kitchen, dormitory and contract lodging market in Europe and North America.

Our craftsmen and engineers are committed to producing innovative furniture collections of discernable aesthetics, without compromising strength and durability needed to endure the demands of the commercial environment.

We produce solid wood quality furniture, CNC machined, mineral oil or polyurethane finish.

  • bedroom and dining room furniture

  • cabinetry

  • entertainment centers

  • bookcases

  • coffee tables and dinning tables – kitchen islands and kitchen counters

Lafor does not sell some of the products directly to the consumer. Our furniture is sold throughout the Europe, and North America through furniture dealers.